Walt Disney s Donald Duck the Secret of Hondorica

Walt Disney s Donald Duck the Secret of Hondorica Author Carl Barks
ISBN-10 1683960459
Year 2017-09-19
Pages 200
Language en

When Uncle Scrooge loses some vital papers in a plane crash in the jungles of Hondorica, he sends Donald and his nephews torescue them. But wily cousin Gladstone Gander gets wind of the expedition and decides to get there first -- to claim the reward forhimself! Then Donald becomes a sales agent for the Break & Bruise Insurance Co. and sells a policy to Uncle Scrooge. But Scroogeis determined to collect, so Donald has to become his bodyguard to protect him from harm.And when the Junior Woodchuck boys are challenged by the Chickadee Patrol girls to build a wilderness bridge, Donald's effortsto help put him in danger -- and the boys have to choose between rescuing him and winning the contest.

Walt Disney s Donald Duck

Walt Disney s Donald Duck Author Carl Barks
ISBN-10 1606999206
Year 2016-05-10
Pages 240
Language en

There are sea monsters, millionaires, spies, and more in the latest volume of Carl Barks s internationally beloved Donald Duck comics."

Carl Barks and the Disney Comic Book

Carl Barks and the Disney Comic Book Author Tom Andrae
ISBN-10 1578068584
Year 2006
Pages 306
Language en
Publisher Univ. Press of Mississippi

For over twenty-five years, Disney artist Carl Barks (1901-2000) created some of the most brilliant and funny stories in comic books. Gifted and prolific, he was the author of over five hundred tales in the most popular comic books of all time. Although he was never allowed to sign his name and worked in anonymity, Barks's unique artistic style and storytelling were immediately evident to all his readers. Barks created the town of Duckburg and a cast of characters that included Donald Duck's fabulously wealthy Uncle Scrooge, the lucky loafer Gladstone Gander, the daffy inventor Gyro Gearloose, the roguish crooks the Beagle Boys, and the Italian sorceress Magica de Spell. Carl Barks and the Disney Comic Book: Unmasking the Myth of Modernity is the first critical study of Barks's work in English. From a cultural studies perspective, the author analyzes all phases of Barks's career from his work in animation to his postretirement years writing the Junior Woodchucks stories. Andrae argues that Barks's oeuvre presents a vision strikingly different from the Disney ethos. Barks's central theme is a critique of modernity. His tales offer a mordant satire of Western imperialism and America's obsession with wealth, success, consumerism, and technological mastery, offering one of the few communal, ecological visions in popular culture. Although a talented visual artist, Barks was also one of America's greatest storytellers and, Andrae contends, lifted the comic book form to the level of great literature. Thomas Andrae, an instructor in the cinema department of San Francisco State University, is the senior editor and cofounder of Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture. He produced The Duck Man, a feature-length documentary on Carl Barks, and was an editor of the Carl Barks Library.

Walt Disney s Uncle Scrooge

Walt Disney s Uncle Scrooge Author Carl Barks
ISBN-10 1683960130
Year 2017
Pages 232
Language en
Publisher Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Company

There are underground civilizations, exotic locales, and a race for pirate gold in the latest collection of world-famous Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics.