Elders Living Alone

Elders Living Alone Author Robert L. Rubinstein
ISBN-10 0202365867
Pages 172
Language en
Publisher Transaction Publishers

What is it like to be old, have many health problems, and live alone? This book enters the lives of frail elders who live alone and vividly conveys their continuing struggle to maintain their independence. Many look to their homes as the important facilitating element for that independence; the home environment and personal space are often the most significant elements for elders living alone.

The Physical Environment and Behavior

The Physical Environment and Behavior Author Joachim F. Wohlwill
ISBN-10 9781461592273
Year 2012-12-06
Pages 484
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

The field of "Environment-and-Behavior" This bibliography is aimed at the researcher and advanced student working in the field of environmental psychology, as it has come to be designated over the past decade. A more appropriate term might be "environment-behavior studies," to suggest the important characteristic of this field as one that transcends the province of the psychologist, and brings together workers, as well as problems, methods, and concepts from a great diversity of disciplines and professional fields. Among these we may include geography and sociology, architecture, landscape architecture and planning, forestry, natural resource management and leisure and recreation research -- to name only the most important of the diverse fields from which material for this bibliography has been drawn. This is in fact one of the primary reasons for our belief in the value of such a volume. The literature in the environment-behavior field is scattered through the most diverse sources, including not only the major periodical and monographic literature in each of the above-mentioned disciplines and professions (and others as well), but also a variety of more specialized publications of varying degrees of accessibility. Thus it seemed to us helpful to the researcher, teacher and student in this area to bring this far-flung literature together in a single volume, that might be used as a guide to the field. We aimed at a comprehensive treatment, including both basic and applied aspects, and relations of behavior both to the man-made or artificial and to the natural environment.

Independent Living for Physically Disabled People

Independent Living for Physically Disabled People Author Nancy M. Crewe
ISBN-10 9780595177974
Year 2001
Pages 406
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Independent Living for Physically Disabled People was the first book to provide a comprehensive picture of the philosophy and services of independent living in the United States. It provided a beacon, usable by rehabilitation professionals and consumers, who were striving to create a path to full community integration. In the years since its publication, the independent living movement has flourished, centers have been built, and many consumers have assumed their right to make decisions regarding their own lives. Still, the foundation provided by the authors of this book continues to be useful and relevant in the new millennium. Authors, including Gerben DeJong, Lex Frieden, Denise Tate, Frank Bowe, Raymond Lifchez, Irving Zola, and Susan Stoddard describe such topics as the independent living paradigm, legislation and community organization, diverse program models, supportive environments, technology, key IL services, program evaluation, and prospects for the future.

Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Human Behavior in the Social Environment Author Anissa Taun Rogers
ISBN-10 9781317243533
Year 2016-04-14
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This addition to Anissa Rogers' bestselling Human Behavior in the Social Environment expands the original text with new chapters on spirituality, families and groups, organizations, and communities. Written in the compact, concise manner of the original text, the new chapters cover mezzo and macro contexts, and offer additional material valuable to two- and three-semester HBSE courses.

The Intimate University

The Intimate University Author Nancy Abelmann
ISBN-10 9780822391586
Year 2009-10-30
Pages 214
Language en
Publisher Duke University Press

The majority of the 30,000-plus undergraduates at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign—including the large population of Korean American students—come from nearby metropolitan Chicago. Among the campus’s largest non-white ethnicities, Korean American students arrive at college hoping to realize the liberal ideals of the modern American university, in which individuals can exit their comfort zones to realize their full potential regardless of race, nation, or religion. However, these ideals are compromised by their experiences of racial segregation and stereotypes, including images of instrumental striving that set Asian Americans apart. In The Intimate University, Nancy Abelmann explores the tensions between liberal ideals and the particularities of race, family, and community in the contemporary university. Drawing on ten years of ethnographic research with Korean American students at the University of Illinois and closely following multiple generations of a single extended Korean American family in the Chicago metropolitan area, Abelmann investigates the complexity of racial politics at the American university today. Racially hyper-visible and invisible, Korean American students face particular challenges as they try to realize their college dreams against the subtle, day-to-day workings of race. They frequently encounter the accusation of racial self-segregation—a charge accentuated by the fact that many attend the same Evangelical Protestant church—even as they express the desire to distinguish themselves from their families and other Korean Americans. Abelmann concludes by examining the current state of the university, reflecting on how better to achieve the university’s liberal ideals despite its paradoxical celebration of diversity and relative silence on race.

Transformation of the Intimate and the Public in Asian Modernity

Transformation of the Intimate and the Public in Asian Modernity Author
ISBN-10 9789004264359
Year 2014-08-12
Pages 330
Language en
Publisher BRILL

This book’s strongest appeal lies in its theoretical orientation, seeking to define frameworks that are most relevant to the Asian reality. These frameworks include compressed and semi-compressed modernity, familialism, familialization policy, unsustainable society, second demographic dividend, care diamond, and transnational public sphere. Such concepts are seen as essential in any discussion concerning the intimate and public spheres of contemporary Asia.

Congress Human Nature and the Federal Debt

Congress  Human Nature  and the Federal Debt Author Cole Speicher Brembeck
ISBN-10 0275936740
Year 1991-01-01
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group

This volume takes a noneconomic approach to the issue of the federal deficit. By identifying the behavioral dynamics common to all people, Brembeck demonstrates how human interests perpetuate the deficit and proposes that solutions to the worsening crisis can be explored by shifting the primary focus away from money, budgets, and expenditures and toward people, power, and politics. The essays discuss different aspects of this human factor in the federal debt and aim at redefining the central issue of the debt debate based on the premise, so convincingly developed, that the debt is a human, not a fiscal, problem.

The Best 117 Law Schools

The Best 117 Law Schools Author Esq. Eric Owens
ISBN-10 0375764194
Year 2004
Pages 410
Language en
Publisher The Princeton Review

"Our Best 357 Colleges is the best-selling college guide on the market because it is the voice of the students. Now we let graduate students speak for themselves, too, in these brand-new guides for selecting the ideal business, law, medical, or arts and humanities graduate school. It includes detailed profiles; rankings based on student surveys, like those made popular by our Best 357 Colleges guide; as well as student quotes about classes, professors, the social scene, and more. Plus we cover the ins and outs of admissions and financial aid. Each guide also includes an index of all schools with the most pertinent facts, such as contact information. And we've topped it all off with our school-says section where participating schools can talk back by providing their own profiles. It's a whole new way to find the perfect match in a graduate school."

The Intimate Couple

The Intimate Couple Author Jon Carlson
ISBN-10 0876308809
Year 1999
Pages 503
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

In this book, the contributors agree--despite their theoretical orientation--that individuals have a need for both belonging and autonomy, and that the challenge of balancing these two needs is the basic challenge in intimate relationships. Each chapter addresses this challenge both theoretically and clinically.

Isle of Man Coastal Path

Isle of Man Coastal Path Author Aileen Evans
ISBN-10 9781849654470
Year 2011-09-02
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Cicerone Press Limited

The Raad ny Foillan (Way of the Gull) is a 96 mile footpath around the Isle of Man. The route description is set out as a circuit and split into stages, with the longest walk being 15.5 miles and the shortest being 7 miles. Any fast walkers may wish to complete two stages per day, while those progressing at a more leisurely pace may decide to amble along and take in the splendid attractions along the way. There are two other walks described in this guidebook. The 23 mile Millennium Way, which follows the ancient route of the kings, from Ramsey to Castletown, and 14 mile The Herring Way which takes a more traditional route from Peel to Castletown. Both these routes cross the hills of the island's interior and can be combined to make an interesting longer walk. Reprinted in 2013 with updates.