A Breath of Autumn

A Breath of Autumn Author Lillian Beckwith
ISBN-10 9781447220787
Year 2012-05-03
Pages 152
Language en
Publisher Pan Macmillan

Kirsty MacDonald is a crofter on the idyllic Westisle in the Hebrides, an island she now owns. Her son, Wee Ruari, has started school on the mainland, travelling by boat across the Sound to Clachan, and being separated from her son during the week is a wrench for Kirsty. Twice widowed, she misses the boy’s father, who was tragically drowned, and also her husband’s brother, who became her second husband – and secretly loved her. Kirsty is not left entirely alone though. As autumn arrives she is kept busy preparing for the winter and finds herself fully involved in the lives of her fellow islanders: fisherman Jamie, who is like her own son, his friend Euan and new arrival Enac. However, it is the appearance of a Canadian and his daughter that causes the biggest waves in the small community. Kirsty is opposed to change but soon comes to learn that not all change is to be resisted. ‘Her Highland crofters emerge from the pages as true friends’ Mirror

Grace in Autumn

Grace in Autumn Author Lori Copeland
ISBN-10 9781418515416
Year 2001-06-09
Pages 260
Language en
Publisher Thomas Nelson Inc

It's November, and as the island residents prepare for the coming months of cold and snow, they are surprised by God's unexpected lessons of humility, trust, and hope. Authors Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt revisit the Island of Heavenly Daze in the second book of the highly acclaimed series about a small town where angelic intervention is commonplace and the Thanksgiving feast a community affair.

Strategies for Building Fluency

Strategies for Building Fluency Author Deborah V. Mink
ISBN-10 1425802478
Year 2009-08
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Shell Education

A must-have resource for improving fluency, this easy-to-use guide features practical, research-based strategies and supported leveled readings. Includes three audio CDs that feature recordings of all the passages, and a Teacher Resource CD with bonus passages.

The Time of Aspen Falls

The Time of Aspen Falls Author Marcia Lynn McClure
ISBN-10 9780983807476
Year 2011-01-01
Pages 280
Language en
Publisher Distractions Ink

Aspen Falls lives a life of contentment--blessed with a wonderful family and a loyal best friend--until a stranger enters her life. Will Aspen Falls ever reclaim the comfortable contentment she once knew? Or will the handsome stranger linger in her mind?

The Bridge of Years

The Bridge of Years Author May Sarton
ISBN-10 9781497685529
Year 2014-12-16
Pages 340
Language en
Publisher Open Road Media

May Sarton’s celebrated novel of family, philosophy, and survival, set between the two great wars that cleaved Europe in two In the wake of the First World War, life for the Duchesnes goes on almost as it always has. Situated near a vegetable garden, an orchard, and rolling green pastures, their Belgian estate is one of the few that escaped dereliction in the difficult preceding years. The garden is Mélanie Duchesne’s lifeblood—a boost to her seemingly unending well of vitality. The introspective Paul finds his refuge in writing, his most deeply held ambition. But as the years pass, Paul’s books find little audience, and husband and wife focus instead on their furniture business and their growing family. The Bridge of Years follows the Duchesnes in the years leading up to World War II—their daily exploits and travails, the small moments and mundane beauties that fill their lives. When their German friend Schmidt arrives for a visit, he brings news of an impending nightmare in the East that is threatening to overturn life as they know it. With the specter of fascism looming, the rising tensions bring out the best in Paul, whose writing enjoys renewed vigor and intensity, as well as in Mélanie, whose steadfast determination might be the very thing that saves her family as war knocks at their door once again.

Something Like Autumn gay fiction

Something Like Autumn  gay fiction Author Jay Bell
Year 2013-05-27
Pages 418
Language en
Publisher Jay Bell

Love can appear unexpectedly: a chance meeting at a friend's wedding, the arrival of a handsome new co-worker... or while being robbed at a convenience store. For some, love seems an impossible dream. Growing up gay in small-town Missouri, Jace Holden thought his chance would never come. When he meets Victor--a wild soul and fellow outsider--his chances of finding love go from bleak to a very uncertain maybe. Bracing his heart, Jace chases after his desire, hoping for a warm hand to hold his tight. Something Like Autumn tells the story of Jace's life before the events of Something Like Summer, while also revisiting his time with Benjamin Bentley. The Something Like... series: Book 1: Something Like Summer Book 2: Something Like Winter Book 3: Something Like Autumn Book 4: Something Like Spring Book 5: Something Like Lightning Book 6: Something Like Thunder

Kingdoms of Caelum Autumn of the War Queen

Kingdoms of Caelum  Autumn of the War Queen Author N M McIntyre
ISBN-10 9781291523379
Year 2013-12
Pages 210
Language en
Publisher Lulu.com

In this dazzling epic fantasy novel, aimed at young adults. Kingdoms of Caelum plunges you head first into the Realms of Caelum. Four ancient Kingdoms sit docile in the clouds, each one as dangerous as the next. For many years peace has prevailed, until now. Follow Katla Veurink in a vicious game of lies, treachery and murder as she battles the many dangers, both above and below the Kingdoms. Only steel determination will see her through, and she would do well to remember; never trust a Dark Elf. This is book 1 of the Kingdoms of Caelum trilogy. An exciting, fresh fantasy adventure that wont disappoint.

The Depth of Autumn

The Depth of Autumn Author Danielle M. Davies
ISBN-10 9781491841488
Year 2013-12-10
Pages 102
Language en
Publisher Author House

Short stories, unfolding chapters, fragile memories, and the lives intertwined, captured and unveiled in the personal, sentimental, and passionate words of author Danielle M. Davies. Walk her mind as she learns to embrace the bittersweet, inevitable truth of time and shares her Christian faith through life’s blessings and struggles.