Strongman s His Name What s His Game

Strongman s His Name  What s His Game Author Dr. Jerry Robeson
ISBN-10 9781603741736
Year 2000-01-01
Pages 180
Language en
Publisher Whitaker House

Instead of "binding" symptoms of sickness, we can attack the sixteen strongmen or demonic spirits mentioned by name in the Bible. Here is a scriptural, balanced, uplifting approach to present-day spiritual warfare.

Strongman s His Name II

Strongman   s His Name   II Author Jerry & Carol Robeson
ISBN-10 9781603744898
Year 2000-02-01
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Whitaker House

Do you have questions about spiritual warfare? Do you wonder why you have so much trouble with the Devil if he's already defeated? The simple, no-nonsense, biblical answers in this book will help you understand what it is to be one of God's warriors in these last days

Rules Of Engagement

Rules Of Engagement Author Cindy Trimm
ISBN-10 9781599797182
Year 2010-09-24
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Charisma Media

Beat the devil at his own game and wage warfare with confidence!There is a spiritual battle going on, and prayer warrior and intercessor Cindy Trimm has given you a manual to wage effective warfare. The Rules of Engagement helps you recognize the spirits that operate in the kingdom of darkness and gives you declarations for engaging them armed with God’s power and authority.

Everyone s Guide to Demons Spiritual Warfare

Everyone s Guide to Demons   Spiritual Warfare Author Ron Phillips, DMin
ISBN-10 9781616383473
Year 2010-09-07
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Charisma Media

Everyone's Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare is a basic training manual for anyone who wants to understand spiritual warfare principles and know how to stand against satanic attacks. By incorporating demon-defying principles in our daily spiritual lives, we can learn to put the enemy to flight and move from bondage into freedom. The author also identifies several specific demonic spirits that attack God’s people, and provides strategies for overcoming evil in our lives.

Satan s Dirty Little Secret

Satan s Dirty Little Secret Author Steve Foss
ISBN-10 9781616387099
Year 2012-01-03
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Charisma Media

The Secret Strategies of the Enemy REVEALED Satan has always used the same schemes to bind, oppress, confound, and deceive mankind. What he is doing today is nothing new. The traps he sets for us are the same ones he set two thousand years ago. Satan’s Dirty Little Secret exposes the two demons behind all of Satan’s attacks. This prophetic revelation given in a vision to Pastor Steve Foss exposes how the enemy operates and shows you... How Satan uses the same two spirits he released on Eve in the garden as gateways to every other form of demonic assault How to successfully defeat these weapons and live free from the bondage of the enemy’s attacks The power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word can transform you into the image of God. Live in the confidence of God’s love and power. You can triumph over Satan and accomplish everything God has planned for your life!

Pigs in the Parlor

Pigs in the Parlor Author Frank Hammond
ISBN-10 0892280271
Year 1973
Pages 153
Language en
Publisher Impact Christian Books

The International Best Seller! Over 1,000,000 copies in print worldwide; translated into more than a dozen foreign languages. A handbook for deliverance from demons and spiritual oppression. Learn more about: How Demons Enter, When Deliverance Is Needed, 7 Steps in Receiving & Ministering Deliverance, 7 Steps in Maintaining Deliverance, Self Deliverance, Prayer Warfare, Demon Manifestations, Should I Be A Deliverance Minister?, Binding and Loosing, Ministry to Children, Practical Advice for the Deliverance Minister, Specific Issues & Questions, and more. Testimonies of Schizophrenia, Cancer, Pride, Witchcraft, Nervousness, Stubborness, Defiance, Mental Illness, and a List of 53 Demonic Groupings.

Seductions Exposed

Seductions Exposed Author Gary Greenwald
ISBN-10 9781603741057
Year 2003-05-01
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Whitaker House

Break free from spiritual bonds. If you've ever ended a relationship you knew wasn’t God’s will for your life, but you can't seem to stop thinking about that person. If your behavior is being influenced in a negative way by people you come in contact with. If you're cursing yourself through forbidden statues, jewelry, and practices. It's time for you to break free from the ties on your soul! Dr. Gary Greenwald will explain how the transference of spirits and soul ties can create dominion over your life. Learn how to defeat the deceiving spirits that control many of the things you come in contact with every day. You can be delivered into a life ruled only by the holy spirit!

When Pigs Move in

When Pigs Move in Author Don Dickerman
ISBN-10 9781599794617
Year 2009
Pages 229
Language en
Publisher Charisma Media

Dickerson delivers principles for deliverance and provides stories of men and women whose lives have been transformed because someone commanded their demons to leave.

Elephant Run

Elephant Run Author Roland Smith
ISBN-10 1606865153
Year 2010-01-01
Pages 318
Language en
Publisher Perfection Learning

Nick endures servitude, beatings, and more after his British father's plantation in Burma is invaded by the Japanese in 1941, and when his father and others are taken prisoner and Nick is stranded with his friend Mya, they plan a daring escape on elephants, risking their lives to save Nick's father and Mya's brother from a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

This Present Darkness

This Present Darkness Author Frank Peretti
ISBN-10 9781451673333
Year 2012-02-14
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Now an eBook, a classic from bestselling author Frank Peretti about a small town in the midst of an unseen supernatural battle. The small town of Ashton is the unexpected setting for an epic clash between good and evil as a Christian preacher and a news reporter unearth a plot to take over their small community, and eventually the world. Unseen supernatural forces are at play, as armies of angels and demons wage battle, with groups of Christians and New Agers influencing what they cannot see by the power of prayer.

Deliverance from Evil Spirits

Deliverance from Evil Spirits Author Michael Scanlan
ISBN-10 0892830913
Year 1980
Pages 121
Language en
Publisher Franciscan Media

Evil spiritual forces are at the root of many of the temptations, failures, and difficulties we encounter in our lives. Yet God has equipped us with weapons to overcome the work of evil spirits. This book examines one of the most potent of these weapons-the ministry of deliverance. The authors explain the authoritative Christian teaching about spiritual warfare. They present an approach to deliverance that is a pastorally sound and effective weapon for dealing with the work of evil spirits. A Servant Book.

Overcoming the Attack of the Jezebel Spirit

Overcoming the Attack of the Jezebel Spirit Author Don Richter
ISBN-10 9781597816007
Year 2005-11-01
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher Xulon Press

This eye-opening study is for every Christian who wants to be prepared to strike a knockout blow to this enemy of the soul--the Jezebel spirit. (Christianity)

The Jezebel Yoke

The Jezebel Yoke Author Sandie Freed
ISBN-10 9781441270207
Year 2012-03-15
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Baker Books

Spiritual Warfare Expert Exposes the Jezebel Spirit and Her Allies Since the Garden of Eden, God's children have let the Deceiver seduce them away from their rightful blessings and, as a result, their true identities. Most are not even aware they are being deceived. With her trademark boldness and warmth, respected spiritual warfare expert Sandie Freed exposes spirits of deception--including Jezebel, Belial, Ahab, and more--and the tactics these demonic entities use to steal Christians' spiritual birthright. She also provides clarity and insight into the many ways believers are deceived and offers keys to inviting God's blessing. By showing readers how to shift back into their divine destinies, Sandie once again delivers a book that will set believers down the road to freedom.

10 Curses That Block The Blessing

10 Curses That Block The Blessing Author Larry Huch
ISBN-10 9781603741279
Year 2006-07-06
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Whitaker House

Within the pages of this groundbreaking book, Larry Huch reveals how you can recognize the signs of a curse, be set free from generational curses, and restore your health and wealth.