The Parenting Book

The Parenting Book Author Nicky Lee
ISBN-10 9781905887361
Year 2009-03-01
Pages 499
Language en
Publisher Alpha International

Drawing on their own experience of bringing up four children and having talked to thousands of parents over the years on their parenting courses, Nicky & Sila Lee bring fresh insights and time-tested values to the task of parenting.


Parenting Author Susan Golombok
ISBN-10 041522716X
Year 2000
Pages 124
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

The author considers whether it is necessary to have two parents and explores the psychological processes that underlie optimal development for children, particularly the quality of the child's relationship with parents and the wider social world.

Parenting from Within

Parenting from Within Author Kaveh Samsamy
ISBN-10 9780981510903
Year 2008-04-01
Pages 116
Language en
Publisher KS

Part textbook, part vision board, part spiritual treatise, this guidebook helps parents create an unbounded future with their child by unlocking the secrets of their own parenting power, finding peace with their child, and assisting children in connecting with their higher selves.


Parenting Author Tom Luster
ISBN-10 9781135617356
Year 2006-04-21
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Parenting: An Ecological Perspective was originally created in 1993 to answer questions such as: Why do parents differ markedly in the ways in which they care for their children? What factors contribute to individual differences in parenting behavior? The framework used for addressing these questions is the ecological perspective developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner, who recognized that children's development is influenced by the interactions that they have over time with the people, objects, and symbols in their immediate environment. Luster and Okagaki have updated the original text focusing on parental behavior and also included 6 new chapters covering topics such as: *fathers/gender of parent; *children with special needs; *ethnicity and socioeconomic status; and *parent education. The text summarizes the latest research on factors that influence parenting, with each chapter providing a look at one important influence and the linkages among these various factors. An ecological perspective draws attention to the fact that the lives of parents and children are intertwined, and that understanding factors that influence parents is important for understanding the experiences of children.

Parenting from the Heart

Parenting from the Heart Author Jack Pransky
ISBN-10 9781927360651
Year 2012-09
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher CCB Publishing

Just when you thought you've heard it all-"Parenting from the Heart" offers a new and different, refreshing approach to parenting. This easy-to-understand, down-to-earth book moves beyond parenting theories and techniques to get to the heart of parenting. If parents know how to look within their hearts to find the answers they need, parenting techniques are not necessary. If parents know how to find a loving connection with their children at most times, discipline and consequences are rarely necessary. All parents have it within them to bring out the best in their children. Approaching parents in this way makes parenting a true pleasure instead of the battle and chore it often becomes. Many so-called experts say that raising kids is the toughest job any of us will ever do, but it does not have to be that way. It can be the most joyful thing any of us will ever do. "Parenting from the Heart" is a must resource for anyone who cares about parenting and raising children. About the Author Jack Pransky, Ph.D. is Director of the "Center for Inside-Out Understanding" and is an international consultant and trainer for the prevention of problem behaviors and the promotion of well-being. He also authored the books, "Somebody Should Have Told Us!; Modello: A Story of Hope for the Inner-City and Beyond; Prevention from the Inside-Out, Prevention: The Critical Need" and co-authored both the "Healthy Thinking, Feeling, Doing--from the Inside-Out" curriculum and guide for middle school students and "What Is A Thought (A Thought Is A Lot)," a picture book for little children. Pransky has worked in the field of prevention since 1968 in a wide variety of capacities. He has offered parenting training and consultation to a great number of parents, and has trained many parenting course instructors.

Partnership Parenting

Partnership Parenting Author Kyle Pruett
ISBN-10 9780738213262
Year 2009
Pages 219
Language en
Publisher Da Capo Press

Explores gender-based parenting and communication styles to reveal how to overcome conflicts and adapt instinct-based techniques in complementary ways, in a guide that offers insight into biological factors while identifying common milestone pitfalls. Original.

Good Parents Bad Parenting

Good Parents Bad Parenting Author Lisa Dunning
ISBN-10 1411604202
Year 2004-01
Pages 193
Language en

Advice to couples aimed at improving communication and reaching consensus on strategies for raising responsible, successful children.

Parenting an Athlete

Parenting an Athlete Author Annette Reiter
ISBN-10 9781617774010
Year 2011-07
Pages 95
Language en
Publisher Tate Publishing

Provides information for parents on how to positively encourage and interact with their child athlete.

Parenting for Primates

Parenting for Primates Author Harriet J Smith
ISBN-10 0674019385
Year 2005
Pages 436
Language en
Publisher Harvard University Press

What parent hasn't wondered "What do I do now?" as a baby cries or a teenager glares? Making babies may come naturally, but knowing how to raise them doesn't. As primatologist-turned-psychologist Harriet J. Smith shows in this lively safari through the world of primates, parenting by primates isn't instinctive, and that's just as true for monkeys and apes as it is for humans. In this natural history of primate parenting, Smith compares parenting by nonhuman and human primates. In a narrative rich with vivid anecdotes derived from interviews with primatologists, from her own experience breeding cottontop tamarin monkeys for over thirty years, and from her clinical psychology practice, Smith describes the thousand and one ways that primate mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, and even babysitters care for their offspring, from infancy through young adulthood. Smith learned the hard way that hand-raised cottontop tamarins often mature into incompetent parents. Her observation of inadequate parenting by cottontops plus her clinical work with troubled human families sparked her interest in the process of how primates become "good-enough" parents. The story of how she trained her tamarins to become adequate parents lays the foundation for discussions about the crucial role of early experience on parenting in primates, and how certain types of experiences, such as anxiety and social isolation, can trigger neglectful or abusive parenting. Smith reveals diverse strategies for parenting by primates, but she also identifies parenting behaviors crucial to the survival and development of primate youngsters that have stood the test of time.


Parenting Author Richard Patterson Jr.
ISBN-10 0830831312
Year 2006-07-14
Pages 64
Language en
Publisher InterVarsity Press

Provides advice to parents on raising children who will love and live for Christ, revealing how Scripture offers guidance specific to nine parenting challenges.


Parenting Author George W. Holden
ISBN-10 9781483347493
Year 2014-10-10
Pages 560
Language en
Publisher SAGE Publications

Written from a psychological perspective while integrating cross-disciplinary viewpoints, this fully updated Second Edition takes a parent-centered approach to exploring topics such as the reasons behind parental behavior, the effect parents and children have on one another, and social policy's ability to help families. Including the latest statistics on family functioning and with coverage of contemporary issues, George Holden’s Parenting conveys the process of parenting in all its complexities.

Choice Parenting

Choice Parenting Author Richard Primason
ISBN-10 9780595320257
Year 2004-07
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Forget the traditional child control techniques like rewards, punishment, and time-out. They create distance, and do nothing for your child's creativity or self-worth. With Choice Parenting you can stay emotionally connected with your child while teaching responsibility and limits. Five new behavioral tools allow you to protect the parent-child relationship, the key to resolving difficult behavior problems."Every parent can learn from this thoughtful book. Dr. Primason brings his creative, practical voice to the choice theory that I've been teaching for years. You'll do far better with your children, and all your relationships, if you replace external control with connection and encouragement. Choice Parenting tells you exactly how to do it."-William Glasser, M.D., Author of Reality Therapy, and Schools Without Failure "I highly recommend this book to anyone who chooses to be a happier and more effective parent. It is filled with loving guidance as well as practical, yet profound ideas and examples."-John Brickell, D.C., Director, Center for Reality Therapy, United Kingdom "I enthusiastically urge all parents, therapists and child care workers to read Choice Parenting. Dr. Primason presents a clear, respectful guide that can be referred to time and again."-Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D., Author of Peaceful Parenting

The Rules of Parenting

The Rules of Parenting Author Richard Templar
ISBN-10 9780133035476
Year 2008-02-22
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher FT Press

There are lots of wrong ways to bring up your kids, but there are lots of right ones, too. There's no list of instructions you have to follow to the letter if you don't want your child to end up a loser. The Rules of Parenting presents the principles to follow which you can adapt to suit you and your children. Beginning with the first rule "Relax" and continuing through 100 rules, this book presents a guide to everything a parent needs to know from toddling, school, boyfriends or girlfriends, through driving lessons and college. The book begins with a section that covers the most important rules, The Rules for Staying Sane. The rest of the sections cover the some of the big questions of parenting, including the Attitude Rules, the Discipline Rules, the Sibling Rules, the School Rules, the Teenage Rules, the Crisis Rules, all the way up to the Grown-up Rules.

Parenting Your Asperger Child

Parenting Your Asperger Child Author Alan Sohn
ISBN-10 9781440649424
Year 2005-02-01
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Penguin

Asperger's Syndrome is a form of autism—but with the right guidance, these children can go on to live happy, fulfilling lives. In Parenting Your Asperger Child, Dr. Alan Sohn's and Cathy Grayson's groundbreaking Cognitive Social Integration Therapy (CSIT) offers practical solutions that help parents prepare their children for a fulfilling life of social interaction outside the confines of their syndrome, addressing such topics as: - The six characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome - How to identify a child's type of Asperger's—and the best approaches for dealing with it - Understanding how an Asperger's child sees and interprets the world - Replacing inappropriate coping techniques with productive skills - How to survive and learn from a crisis - How school programs can aid in teaching Asperger children - Making changes that last