Floating Brilliant Gone

Floating  Brilliant  Gone Author Franny Choi
ISBN-10 1938912438
Year 2014-03
Pages 80
Language en
Publisher Write Bloody Pub

In her electrifying debut, Franny Choi leads readers through the complex landscapes of absence, memory, and identity. Beginning in loss and ending in reflective elation, Floating, Brilliant, Gone explores life as a brief impossibility, "infinite / until it isn't.” Punctuated with haunting illustrations by Jess X. Chen, Choi's poems read like lucid dreams that jolt awake at the most unexpected moments.

Noah s Floating Animal Park

Noah s Floating Animal Park Author Janine Suter
ISBN-10 089051576X
Year 2009
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group

This book reveals biblical truth to children on Noah and the Flood, the full-color visuals and brilliant rhymes bring the account alive!

The Art of Floating

The Art of Floating Author Kristin Bair O'Keeffe
ISBN-10 9780698139497
Year 2014-04-01
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Penguin

At a time when nothing seems real, it takes something truly unusual to put your life into focus. When her beloved husband Jackson disappeared without a trace, popular novelist Sia Dane stopped writing, closed down her house, stuffed her heart into a cage, and started floating. It wasn’t the normal response to heartache, but Sia rarely did things the normal way. Exactly one year, one month, and six days after Jackson’s disappearance, Sia discovers a mysterious man on the beach. He’s mute, unresponsive, and looks as if he has just walked out of the sea. It’s the sort of situation Jackson would have solved with a simple call to the police. But Jackson is gone. As unreal as he seems, Sia is determined to help this man. Perhaps she can return him to his place in the world—to whoever lost him and loves him. Perhaps she can answer their questions the way no one could answer hers. But as her friends and family help her winnow her way to the truth, Sia comes to realize that the unfathomable leap between sorrow and healing begins with a single step.

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant Author Rachel McKibbens
ISBN-10 0984874453
Year 2016-08-29
Pages 99
Language en
Publisher Small Doggies Press

Poetry. The poems in PINK ELEPHANT present an opening where the door didn't quite latch shut, a personal view of childhood confined in a room with violence and trauma. With every new scene, either palpable or surreal, the eyes don't dare turn away; instead they are transfixed, sometimes on the multi–faced monster, other times on the heroine: Survival. Rachel McKibbens's debut collection of poems is offered again in this new second edition, where an interview with the author flips the light switch on and informs our understanding of this unflinchingly bold young life story.

Into the Dark Emptying Field

Into the Dark   Emptying Field Author Rachel McKibbens
ISBN-10 0984874437
Year 2013
Pages 70
Language en

Poetry. INTO THE DARK & EMPTYING FIELD is an interrogation of loneliness and its many masks. The book explores innocence as the price of knowledge in a host of voices that share an emotional truth. McKibbens offers a monument of understanding for even the bleakest pieces of our human conundrum.

Hour of the Ox

Hour of the Ox Author Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello
ISBN-10 9780822981558
Year 2016-11-18
Pages 64
Language en
Publisher University of Pittsburgh Press

Winner of the 2015 Donald Hall Prize for Poetry Hour of the Ox received the 2015 AWP Donald Hall Prize for Poetry, selected by Crystal Ann Williams, who called it “a timeless collection written by a poet of exceptional talent and grace, a voice as tough as it is tender.” Cancio-Bello examines the multiplicity of distance, wanderlust, and grief at the intersection between filial and cultural responsibility. Desires are sloughed off, replaced by new ones, re-cultivated as mythos. These poems offer a complex and necessary new perspective on the elegiac immigrant song.


Floating Author Robin Troy
ISBN-10 9780671024499
Year 1998-10-01
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

The winner of the MTV and Pocket Books "Write Stuff" Fiction Contest offers her debut novel, the story of twenty-five-year-old Ruby Pearson's flight from Wickenberg, Arizona, with the help of her son's truck-driving uncle. Original.

Gone to the Forest

Gone to the Forest Author Katie Kitamura
ISBN-10 9781847659071
Year 2013-02-14
Pages 195
Language en
Publisher Profile Books

Set on a struggling farm in a fiercely beautiful colonial country teetering on the brink of civil war, this second novel by one of international literature's rising young stars weaves a brilliant tale of family drama and political turmoil. Since his mother's death ten years earlier, Tom and his father have fashioned a strained peace on their family farm. Everything is frozen under the old man's vicious, relentless control - even, Tom soon discovers, his own future. When a young woman named Carine enters their lives, the complex triangle of intrigue and affection escalates the tension between the two men to breaking point. After a catastrophic volcanic eruption ignites the nation's smoldering discontent into open revolution, Tom, his father and Carine find themselves questioning their loyalties to one another and their determination to salvage their way of life.

I Wore My Blackest Hair

I Wore My Blackest Hair Author Carlina Duan
ISBN-10 1503941973
Year 2017-11-14
Language en
Publisher Little a

Celebrating Chinese American girlhood in all its confusion, love, and loss. In I Wore My Blackest Hair, Fulbright grant and Edna Meudt Memorial Award recipient Carlina Duan delivers an electric debut collection of poetry. With defiance and wild joy, Duan's poems wrestle with and celebrate ancestry and history, racial consciousness, and the growing pains of girlhood. They explore difficult truths with grace and power. I Wore My Blackest Hair is an honest portrait of a woman in-between--identities, places, languages, and desires--and her quest to belong. The speaker is specific in her self-definition, discovering and reinventing what it means to be a bold woman, what it means to be Chinese American, and what it means to grow into adulthood. Duan moves seamlessly from the personal to the imaginative to the universal, heralding a brilliant new voice in contemporary poetry.

Yarmulkes Fitted Caps

Yarmulkes   Fitted Caps Author Aaron Levy Samuels
ISBN-10 1938912381
Year 2013-09-01
Pages 120
Language en
Publisher Write Bloody Pub

Aaron Samuels, raised in Providence, Rhode Island by a Jewish mother and a Black father, is a Cave Canem Fellow and a nationally acclaimed performer. In this ground-breaking collection of poems, Samuels examines the beauty and contradictions of his own mixed identity with gut-wrenching narratives, humor, and passionate verve.

The Golden Shovel Anthology

The Golden Shovel Anthology Author Peter Kahn
ISBN-10 9781682260241
Year 2017-01-15
Pages 333
Language en
Publisher University of Arkansas Press

"Gwendolyn Brooks was the first black writer to receive the Pulitzer Prize for poetry back in 1950. A new book honors her work in using a form called the golden shovel, developed by poet Terrance Hayes. In The Golden Shovel Anthology, poets select a line from a poem of Brooks’s and use it as the closing line or lines in a poem of their own. The result is an expansive and extraordinary assemblage edited by poets Peter Kahn, Ravi Shankar, and Patricia Smith.” —Nina MacLaughlin, Boston Globe, March 2017 The Golden Shovel Anthology celebrates the life and work of poet and civil rights icon Gwendolyn Brooks through a dynamic new poetic form, the Golden Shovel, created by National Book Award–winner Terrance Hayes. The last words of each line in a Golden Shovel poem are, in order, words from a line or lines taken from a Brooks poem. The poems are, in a way, secretly encoded to enable both a horizontal reading of the new poem and vertical reading down the right-hand margin of Brooks’s original. An array of writers—including Pulitzer Prize winners, T. S. Eliot Prize winners, National Book Award winners, and National Poet Laureates—have written poems for this exciting new anthology: Rita Dove, Billy Collins, Nikki Giovani, Sharon Olds, Tracy K. Smith, Mark Doty, Sharon Draper, and Julia Glass are just a few of the contributing poets. The poems found here will inspire a diversity of readers, teachers, and writers of poetry while at the same time providing remarkable access for newcomers, making it ideal for classrooms. The Golden Shovel Anthology will also honor Brooks with publication in 2017, the centenary of her birth.

A Boy s Book of Nervous Breakdowns

A Boy s Book of Nervous Breakdowns Author Tom Paine
ISBN-10 9780807161241
Year 2015-10-07
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher LSU Press

The insightful and provocative stories in Tom Paine's collection spring from a series of seismic events that rocked the post-millennium world. News headlines from the last decade -- the fall of Baghdad, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the BP oil spill -- not only inspire the settings but also raise ethical questions that percolate throughout this ominous and timely work. A stark reminder of the challenges and resultant anxiety facing a global society, "A Boy's Book of Nervous Breakdowns" depicts the simultaneously dreamlike and brutally real experience of witnessing contemporary political and environmental catastrophes. Paine approaches the second U.S. invasion of Iraq through the eyes of a CBS radio journalist and her desperate Iraqi translator as they report the opening months of the attack and dodge dan- ger with a newborn in tow. In other stories, a father blames global warming for the drowning death of his daughter and journeys by horseback across the last of the Montana glaciers; a Japanese reggae band struggles under the radioactive umbrella of the Fukushima nuclear disaster; and a genius at Goldman Sachs invents a money-making algorithm, then ends his days with a tribe of headhunters in the Amazon. Paine masterfully orchestrates these episodic depictions of a failing civilization, however unnerving, through a wide array of perspectives, each tied to the other by Cassandra-like prophecies. Immediately compelling, "A Boy's Book of Nervous Breakdowns" confronts the harsh realities of our time with imaginative and moving vignettes that reinforce the fragility, greed, and heartache of the human condition.

This Way to the Sugar

This Way to the Sugar Author Hieu Nguyen
ISBN-10 1938912446
Year 2014-03
Pages 75
Language en
Publisher Write Bloody Pub

Hieu Nguyen's bruising collection of poems, This Way to the Sugar, puts a blade and a microscope to nostalgia, tradition, race, apology, and sexuality, in order to find beauty in a flawed world. His work has been described as "an astounding testament to the power and necessity of confession." This powerful book asks whether it might be better "to leave the blade inside the body," whether "forgiveness will bleed you thin."

The Odyssey

The Odyssey Author Homer
ISBN-10 0472088548
Year 2002
Pages 421
Language en
Publisher University of Michigan Press

Translated into dactylic hexameter, this edition of the Odyssey recaptures the oral-formulaic experience as never before