Blood Contract

Blood Contract Author Stormy Glenn
ISBN-10 1619266210
Year 2012-01
Pages 142
Language en
Publisher Siren Pub Incorporated

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, public exhibition] Danny Erickson knew things were bad when he got called to the dean's office at his university. He just didn't expect to see his estranged father when he arrived or the proposal his father offers him. Little does Danny know that by signing his name on the dotted line, he's agreed to become the personal blood donor to a vampire prince and there is no breaking this blood contract. Prince Dominic Xavier Lucian Ruelle is dying. He needs a blood donor with pure blood. When Danny is brought to him, Dominic finds himself dealing with feelings he has never experienced before. Falling in love with his blood donor was never part of the contract. When Danny's life is threatened, Dominic will do anything to save him, even break every rule of his kind. He's even willing to give up his life to save the man he loves. But will it be enough and will it be in time? More importantly, will Danny accept a vampire prince as his mate? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Blood Contract

Blood Contract Author Biola Olatunde
ISBN-10 1925148432
Year 2010-09-29
Pages 166
Language en

Ken (Kenawari) left his village in the Niger Delta region many years ago, carrying with him emotional scars. However, he did make a life for himself in the city and built a reputation as a slick troubleshooter in inter-village disputes, of which there were many. He was one of the best operators on the books of the private security firm he worked for. Then it happened. There was trouble in his tribal home. Reluctantly he agreed to return. Not only has he got to settle a dispute that resulted in kidnapping, and tread gingerly through the political minefield of the region - including local robber barons, but he also has to face the most fearsome obstacles of all - his past. Blood Contract is not just an adventure set in the dangerous swamps of the Niger Delta, it is also the story of a man who is imperfect and must finally find some reconciliation with his past. Most of all, Biola Olatunde provides the reader with a vivid social commentary of the lives and challenges of those who live in this most neglected of corners of the earth.

The family story

The family story Author Leonore Davidoff
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105023462125
Year 1999
Pages 297
Language en
Publisher Addison-Wesley Longman Ltd

This book sets out to retell the history of the English family between 1830 and 1960. Written collaboratively, it draws on the primary research of each author to shed light on those areas so often ignored in general social histories and histories of the family in particular. While acknowledging their importance, it sets to one side the usual focus on marriage and motherhood. Instead a range of other relationships, some familial, others contractual, are set in a more general historical context, alongside an exploration of how expectations and beliefs about the family operated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This approach challenges existing models to reveal the complex and shifting meanings of family life in our recent past.

Blood and the Covenant

Blood and the Covenant Author Pierre Parisien
ISBN-10 9781426942099
Year 2010-11
Pages 412
Language en
Publisher Trafford Publishing

Blood and the Covenant tells the story of a mindset the conception of a personal covenant between God and man and the insidious consequences of this mindset. Author Pierre Parisien examines the history of covenantal belief and looks critically at two of its most troubling aspects: appropriation (the Promised Land) and moral dispensation (the belief that if you are doing it for God, then it is not a sin but a virtuous act). Parisien traces the historical consequences of the contract with God, from the campaigns of Joshua in Canaan to the present manifestations of ideological Zionism. He argues that the course of history has been, in great part, a consequence of the original Covenant, and he charts the regrettable lineage of atrocities committed under the auspices of covenant fulfillment including the conquest of Canaan to the hegemony of Rome, the rape of Northern India by the Muslim Sultans, the Crusades, European colonialism (which considered the entire planet as the Promised Land), Manifest Destiny, and ideological Zionism. Wars, crimes against humanity, and genocide have too often been the aftermath of the Covenant. Will this woeful progression ever come to an end?

Blood Brotherhood and Other Rites of Male Alliance

Blood Brotherhood and Other Rites of Male Alliance Author Jack Donovan
ISBN-10 9780578030708
Year 2009-07
Pages 284
Language en

Blood-brotherhoods and similar rites have been employed by men to mark friendships and alliances for thousands of years. Evidence of the practice can be found in the lore, literature and recorded history of most cultures-from Norse and Celtic mythologies to the tribes of Africa, Australia and the South Pacific, to the fiction of Jack London and Mark Twain. This survey of blood-brotherhood rites is a toolbox for the imagination, containing a wealth of research about blood-brotherhood myths and practices from a wide variety of cultures and time periods, including excerpted texts and original translations by Nathan F. Miller. This follow-up to Androphilia: A Manifesto also documents a unique, modern adaptation of this ancient ritual, performed to bond author Jack Donovan and his long time compadre.

Understanding the Heart Lungs and Blood

Understanding the Heart  Lungs  and Blood Author Sarah Levete
ISBN-10 143589684X
Year 2010-01-01
Pages 46
Language en
Publisher The Rosen Publishing Group

Discusses the organs and function of the cardiopulmonary system, including information on the vital functions of the lungs and blood, the process of respiration, and keeping the body healthy.

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Author Boom! Studios
ISBN-10 1934506346
Year 2009-02-03
Pages 125
Language en
Publisher Boom Town

Welcome to the hyper-violent hilarity of Blood Bowl, the mini-series that puts the fantasy (as in elves, dwarfs, orcs, and ogres) back into football! Blood Bowl novelist Matt Forbeck brings his trademark twisted blend of humor and action to the first-ever Blood Bowl comic book, featuring the now-legendary Bad Bay Hackers in a grudge match against the ever-evil Orcland Raiders! Join the Hackers as they begin their brutal march to their next championship game, filled with spiked balls, corrupt refs, and giant-sized barrels of Bugman's XXXXXX!

Rossi s Principles of Transfusion Medicine

Rossi s Principles of Transfusion Medicine Author Toby L. Simon
ISBN-10 9781444358865
Year 2011-09-23
Pages 1112
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Rossi's Principles of Transfusion Medicine is the most comprehensive and practical reference on transfusion science and medicine available. It features brand new chapters on the measurement of cell kinetics, obstetric transfusion practice, cord blood, transfusion alternatives and regenerative medicine. Produced jointly with AABB, the world's leading association in the fields of blood banking and transfusion medicine, it now has two companion CD-ROMs-one containing interactive case studies and one containing PDFs of all 66 chapters.

The Law of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code

The Law of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code Author Pamela Tepper
ISBN-10 9781305176751
Year 2014-07-11
Pages 576
Language en
Publisher Cengage Learning

THE LAW OF CONTRACTS AND THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, 3e covers all the important features of common law contracts, as well as Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code in a practical, understandable, and realistic manner. Real cases demonstrate how the concepts in each chapter are applied, and the fact pattern is used throughout the chapter to demonstrate how contracts and their concepts affect our daily lives, often with unusual results. Using a fluid and interesting writing style, the author reduces contract law to its basic components and provides examples that build on other examples. Chapter summaries, review questions, exercises, a running glossary, and--new to this edition--learning objectives help your students to fully grasp this complex area of the law. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The GP Contract Made Easy

The GP Contract Made Easy Author Rodger Charlton
ISBN-10 1857756320
Year 2005
Pages 165
Language en
Publisher Radcliffe Publishing

The concepts and terminology of the new General Medical Services Contract can be confusing and daunting. The GP Contract Made Easy - Getting Paid summarises and simplifies a complex contract with many practical points to maximise a practice's income and make the lives of doctors and managers easier. This book shows how the new Contract differs from the 1990 GP Contract resulting in a change in the services that GPs provide and a change in their remuneration. This book provides advice on how GPs can maximise their income under the new regulations for the Global Sum Enhanced Services and the quality indicators of the Quality and Outcomes Framework. General practitioners primary care managers and their professional advisers will find this book essential and invaluable reading.

Contracts for a Third Party Beneficiary

Contracts for a Third Party Beneficiary Author Jan Hallebeek
ISBN-10 9789004169746
Year 2008
Pages 171
Language en
Publisher Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

This study deals with the concept of contracts for a third-party beneficiary, which is nowadays generally accepted in Western European jurisdictions. The subject is discussed in its development through the ages as well as from the perspective of present-day comparative law.


Underground Author Taylor Fleek
ISBN-10 9781490837123
Year 2014-06-11
Language en
Publisher WestBow Press

Technology is in a constant state of flux, and religion is being called into question. Agent Jack Connors, a silent believer, and his atheist partner, Kate Matthews, find themselves undertaking a mission that will change the course of their lives forever. While pursuing an illegal arms dealer, they are forced to hire soldiers from an enigmatic military research and development company known as Network. But the soldiers there are more than they ever expected. The Network soldiers are devoid of personality, feeling, and choice—perfectly obedient. Once the soldiers have been assigned to kill, nothing can stop them. All this coincides with the rise of religious restrictions promoted by the people’s servant, Senator Randolf Blakard, a man who holds the loyalty and love of the people in the palm of his hand. But just like the Network soldiers, there is more to him than meets the eye. Jack finds himself struggling between his duty and his beliefs, as secrets about Network and their soldiers culminate into a conspiracy over twenty years in the making. Will Jack’s faith help him survive the black fires of persecution and show Kate the power of truth? Or will she end up like the rest—just another empty soul?